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Windows 10: new in Settings, end of Control Panel soon?

Is Microsoft replacing Windows 10 Control Panel with Settings window? This is in any case what seems to indicate the new changes made to the latter in the future update of the operating system. In this, the “Storage Space” functionality, formerly in the Control Panel has been moved to Settings.

Windows 10 control panel

Let those nostalgic for old Windows prepare: Microsoft has had enough of its Control Panel. The rumor spread as access to some panel pages was disabled, and it doesn’t promise to get any better. The Parameters module, more modern and easy to use indeed seems to take the place of the iconic window of the operating system. But here it is: several important options are still missing in the Settings, which allows the Control Panel to remain a little longer.

Well, not for very long. Microsoft keeps killing Control Panel by shedding its functionality to enter them in the Settings. The most recent, “Storage space”, will be moved in a future update Windows 10. The latter allows you to connect several storage devices and use them as a single space. The interface of the functionality was thus modernized, while this one will soon be in Settings> System> Storage> Manage storage spaces.

Windows 10 storage space

Control Panel may disappear from Windows 10 soon

Microsoft said in a podcast that the Settings module is designed to “Accessibility” and “A modern experience”, two terms which, it must be admitted, do not really apply to the Control Panel. However, the firm does not completely abandon the control window. But some of its pages will be directly in the Settings, in order to make the module more complete.

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Once the transition is complete, the existing Control Panel pages in Settings will redirect the user towards the latter. Microsoft also announced that third-party applications providing access to obsolete pages of the module will be blocked. In addition, the disk visualization interface as well as the partition management tool will soon also be modernized. These changes are already available in beta and will therefore need to be deployed. during the year.

Source: Windows Latest