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Windows 10: Microsoft will speed up the arrival of new features, here’s how

Microsoft is testing a new way to deliver functionality to Windows 10, called the Windows Feature Experience Pack. It is simply a matter of adding them via separate and more regular updates, which will themselves be incorporated into the next major Windows update.

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Microsoft confirms the arrival of the Windows Feature Experience Pack in a blog post. The firm explains that it is testing its new process for delivering feature enhancements to our customers outside of major Windows 10 updates.

And the firm to specify: “By testing this process first with Windows Insiders, we hope to make to progress the extent and frequency of updates in the near future, which confirms the imminent arrival of these Windows Feature Experience Packs in the consumer (stable) versions of Windows.

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Windows Feature Experience Pack promises faster arrival of features

From the blog post, published on November 30, many users and developers however express their confusion. Indeed, later in its post, the firm explains that “In the long term, the Windows Feature Experience Pack updates will be integrated into the already existing Windows 10 maintenance process, and thus delivered to customers via Windows Update”. Suggesting two separate update channels, potentially for several different user groups – when obviously this is not really the case.

The boss of the Windows Insider program Brandon LeBlanc had to clarify it on his Twitter account. What must be understood is therefore thatthere will now be more “small” feature updates between major updates. This will allow you to benefit from new products faster. If you don’t, or haven’t updated your computer for a long time, these updates will be included in the next major update, ensuring Microsoft is coming either way. on a large number of machines as quickly as possible.

The first Windows Feature Experience Pack of this type (120.2212.1070.0), still in beta, brings two new features. First, a keyboard shortcut for screenshots on Windows 10 (Win + Shift + S), as has been the case for many years on macOS. The other novelty is the arrival of a virtual keyboard that can be split into two parts when the screen of a touch device is in portrait mode. The advantage of these small updates is thatthey can be installed in less than 90 seconds according to Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft