Windows 10: Microsoft confirms this is the last of the ders

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Image 1: Windows 10: Microsoft confirms this is the last word

When Microsoft Ignite, held from May 4 to 8 in Chicago, one of the company’s evangelists confirmed: Windows 10 will be the latest version of the operating system. After its publication, there will therefore be no Windows 11 and even less Windows 12. This does not mean that the publisher abandons any development of its operating system, but that it stops numbering its OS as he did so far.

Windows 10 will therefore be the latest version of the OS, born almost 30 years ago now. This is what Jerry Nixon said in these words: “Currently, we are about to launch Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows, we are still working on Windows 10”. Jerry Nixon does not comment on the termination of the OS, but on abandoning operating system dialing. If we already know that Windows will undergo a major update next year (code name: Redstone), the OS should no longer know higher version numbers. All updates will be done transparently, via Windows Update, and without the user having to worry about any edition number.

Of course, until then, Microsoft has plenty of time to change its tune and can revert to more conventional numbering if this is confusing for its users. It may be difficult to change a system that everyone has relied on for so many years (although Windows 95, 98, Me and Vista did not indicate their version in the title). Finally, remember that Windows 10 will be released this summer in RTM version, and in fall in its commercial edition and accessible to all.