Windows 10: Microsoft confirms the arrival of a “radical visual rejuvenation”

Microsoft confirms its desire to offer Windows 10 a brand new interface. This project, called Sun Valley, was mentioned in a job offer published by the American giant. Windows is BACK!

windows 10 interface
Credit: Microsoft

The Sun Valley project is talking about it again. Remember, in October 2020, our colleagues at Windows Central spoke for the first time about this complete overhaul of the Windows 10 interface, probably scheduled for 2021. And while we had no more news on this mysterious Sun Valley project , here is a job offer has just confirmed its existence.

Posted on Microsoft’s official website, this announcement is for all software engineers who want to join the Windows User Experience Development (WCUE) team. Since its first publication, the Redmond firm has slightly modified its offer, in passing removing the explicit mentions for a visual overhaul. However, the Internet being the Internet, our colleagues from The Verge were able to immortalize the first version:

“Within this team, you work with our key partners to orchestrate and deliver a complete visual rejuvenation of Windows experiences to signal our customers that Windows is BACK and ensure that Windows provides the best OS user experience for our customers ”, could we read.

The Sun Valley project is based on Windows 10X

In fact and it is now official, the Sun Valley project is of course the rails and it is only a matter of time before Windows 10 knows a second youth, as he enters his sixth year of career. According to information from Android Central released in October 2020 about the project, Microsoft could take inspiration from work done on Windows 10X to review the interface of its OS.

Thus, the Start menu would be completely revised, as would the file explorer and applications built into Windows 10. In addition, the buttons, sliders, and the various shortcuts and controls could also be redesigned. As a reminder, this is not the only project related to Windows 10 from Microsoft. The company is also working on Latte Project, dedicated to porting Android applications to Windows 10. For this, the Redmond firm should use the Linux kernel included in its OS, Android also running on this system.

Source: The Verge