Windows 10: Maximum size of OneDrive files increased to 250 GB

Microsoft is raising the size limit for files uploaded to OneDrive to 250 GB from 100 GB so far. Enough to make the service more useful to designers and other professionals working on large projects.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft announces in a message the raising of the file size limit for uploading to OneDrive to 250 GB against 100 GB so far. This change benefits Windows 10, Teams and Microsoft 365 suite users.

The firm explains: “The need to reliably and securely share large 4K or 8K video files, 3D models, CAD files or large datasets of scientific data with colleagues, clients, and peers increases as the reliance on telecommuting and distance learning increases. generalize ”.

Microsoft OneDrive adapts to the rise of teleworking

Amusingly, the firm believes that the new limit will also benefit those who “Share big PC games in zip files”. Microsoft goes on to explain how increasing this limit on OneDrive was far from trivial. Indeed, beyond a certain size, uploaded files pose real technical challenges for hosts:

“We hit the 250 GB limit by optimizing storage to maximize upload performance – each file is split into chunks, all encrypted with a unique key. All your files are backed up to Azure Storage, which guarantees high availability and performance. You can easily upload and download your large files when you need them, where you need them ”, Microsoft continues.

The firm also reveals that it has implemented a so-called differential synchronization. The idea is to only update the parts of the files that change on the servers, and not have to re-upload the whole file each time it is modified. Which seems quite practical considering the potential size of the files.

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Microsoft explains that the change will be rolled out gradually by the end of January. The firm adds that it “Expects general availability by the end of this quarter”. Few hosts offer such a high upload limit. Actually only Mega and SugarSync do better by completely dispensing with this type of limit.