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Windows 10: master it 100%

Novelties in shambles, which must now be understood

Image 1: Windows 10: master it 100%

After multiple beta releases and long months of waiting, Windows 10 is finally out. Microsoft is so focused on this new version that Windows division manager Terry Myerson hopes to reach the billion users by 2017-2018. The publisher of Redmond listened to its users, often disappointed with Windows 8, and made a lot of corrections and compromises. But even if the operating system is a mix between Windows 7 and 8.1, it offers an impressive amount of new features, which were not found in either of the two operating systems.

But what is so interesting in this new version?

Image 2: Windows 10: master it 100%The start menu returns.Windows 10 is full of new features, starting with the return of the start button. This one gets a facelift compared to what we could know under Windows 7, and mixes both a list of text shortcuts and icons in the shape of tiles, Windows 8 style. The big advantage compared to this last is that the Start menu no longer appears in full screen (although this option is possible, it is disabled by default on non-touch devices). It is therefore much more discreet.

In parallel, the Windows Store applications, those that we knew under the name Modern UI applications or Metro applications, are no longer running in full screen. They are almost identical to software that we have always known on PCs. But their main interest is that eventually they will become compatible with smartphones and tablets. As a result, these universal applications (that’s the name Microsoft gives them) can be used on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and even Xbox One.

Microsoft Edge, Cortana and soon HoloLens

Image 3: Windows 10: master it 100%Cortana in action.The new features of Windows 10 do not stop there, since there is also a notification center and new possibilities for unlocking the computer (Windows Hello). We also have a new browser, Microsoft Edge, which succeeds the ancestral Internet Explorer. And we have a voice assistant, Cortana, who is able to make appointments, launch applications, search the Net or check the weather. And there are still a lot of new features that we haven’t covered, such as virtual desktops, the Continuum function, or even HoloLens, the virtual reality system, which also works under Windows 10 and which Microsoft could launch by the end of the year. In short, the novelties of this edition are so numerous, that they well deserved a grip complete. The following file will evolve quickly, in order to meet, we hope, all your expectations. Do not hesitate to post a comment at the bottom of the page if you have any questions, or consult our Windows 10 forum, where all our experts can also help you.

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