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Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro: which one to choose?

Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro: which one to choose?

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If you have landed in this article, you are probably getting ready to upgrade your PC to the latest version of Windows. But, like many Microsoft Windows users, you also can not choose Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. Let's get the biggest picture of the road While the family edition is designed for normal everyday users, the Pro edition is designed for professionals who want better control and more efficient use of their Windows devices. the latest is designed to meet the demand of businesses and users, there are many products that can perfectly adapt to the needs of each.Et is precisely what I have written an article in front of Windows 10 Home vs Pro. So, if you were discussing the version of Windows get here, we will do a full comparison between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Home vs Pro

Before we can dive into the Windows 10 Home vs Pro Debate, let me tell you from the outset that Windows 10 Home is more than enough to meet your basic requirements. Most of us will not even notice the difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro editions. So, if you have already purchased a Windows 10 Home device, you do not have to deplore this purchase. That being said, Windows 10 Pro is entirely designed for experienced users and businesses.

In the sections below, we will show you all the features of Windows 10 Pro that are missing Windows 10 family edition so you can choose yourself which version of Windows 10 is best for you.We will first discuss the features useful to users individual, then we will move to the specific features of the company. So let's dive in, shall we?

Windows 10 Home vs Pro – User-Oriented Features

1. BitLocker

In this fast-paced digital world, thesecurity of Windows 10has become a matter of paramount importance.And if you do not take additional steps to protect your data from growing threats such as ransomware software, malware and spyware, your data runs the risk of being hackers. Regarding the protection of your files, Windows 10 Pro has a certain advantage over Windows 10 Home Edition.

This is because of the inclusion of BitLocker, which is the only feature that Windows 10 home users will definitely miss. You can use BitLockerto encrypt the hard drive of your PC as well as any removable driveto provide an extra layer of protection for your data. With this encryption enabled, only authorized people will have access to the files.third-party encryption software is available for Windows 10 HomeThe integration of an encryption feature into Pro is definitely an asset.


WDAG stands for Windows Defender Application Guard, which allows you toProtect your PC from malware and other serious threats while browsing the Web.It basically lets you disassemble Microsoft Edge hardware level using Hyper-V technology, to protect your computer and your data from malware and other attacks.

From a security point of view, I find WDAG a valuable asset. Knowing how much Zero Day attacks have become commonplace, it's worth it to use and make sure your Web surfing stays safe.

3. Remote Desktop Connection

Imagine a situation where you had to urgently carry out an essential task of your office but that you had forgotten to do it.And when you arrived home, you suddenly remember this important thing. Would not it be great if you couldaccess your office directly from your homeThis is what Remote Desktop Connection does because it allows you to access your Windows 10 Pro PC from anywhere once you have it set up.

That said, this feature will not be missed on my Windows 10 Home computer because there are severalremote office applicationsthirdsWindows 10 which are much more powerful than RDP on Windows 10 pro. Check these applications if you want to use remote desktop access on your Windows 10 device.

4. Secure start

Trusted Boot is another security feature that I think could be extremely useful for many. It was developed fordefend your computer against rootkitsIt works in synchronization with Secure Boot, ensuring that every component of the boot process is thoroughly checked before being loaded. In this way, your system remains free of malware.

Trusted Boot seems to be more favorable to professionals and companies.However, you can not turn a blind eye to what it brings to the table. Again, if you are looking for an uncompromised security of your system, you would like to have it available to you .

5. Hyper-V Client

Quite frankly, Hyper-V Client is only for techies who never seem to get enough of it or for full-time professionals who often have totest different virtual machines.This is a virtualization technology tool that allows you to run virtual machines on processors. Remember that, even if it comes with Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education, you will still have to download and install this technology separately.

Just in case, you would not want to use Windows Pro Edition but want to use virtualization technology, try Virtualbox (free) because it is versatile and includes many features. Better still, it works with several operating systems.

6. Windows Sandbox

There is a lot of love in Windows Sandbox. What makes it so user-friendly is the ability to let youcreate a new Windows 10 session to try something newFor example, it will be very useful to test some applications or run suspicious files in a sandbox environment.

Moreover, as soon as you deactivate Windows Sandbox, everything is automatically erased, which is an additional advantage, both from the point of view of security and that of confidentiality. If you find yourself often in a situation where you have to test applications and suspicious items, it would be a valuable asset for your use. While this is a great feature, I do not think that normal Windows users will need this feature.

7. RAM Difference

Another major difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro Edition is the RAM.While the first supports 128 GB of RAM, the latter can accommodate up to 2 TB of RAM.Users of Windows 10 Home will certainly miss this task if they want to create a powerful and powerful computer.

In most real-world scenarios, 128 GB of RAM would be more than enough. However, users who work at the professional level, such as running tons of virtual machines at the same time, performing heavy 3D rendering, etc., may need to more RAM. If that's what your workflow requires, then you should consider purchasing the Windows 10 Pro Edition.

Windows 10 Home vs Pro – Enterprise Oriented Features

In addition to the features of the above-mentioned Windows 10 Pro edition 10 that can be useful even for normal Windows users, Windows 10 Pro also provides business-oriented functionality for businesses. So, if you run a business and you want To find out which edition of Windows 10 is right for you, check the features below to find out if you will need it or not.

1. Internet Explorer Business Mode

For companies that often have to use older Web applications, Enterprise Mode can be a savior. What makes it such a user-friendly feature is the ability toAllow users to run older web applications in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Enterprise modeallows you to use older versions of web applications without compromising security,which is a considerable advantage. With the advent of the new dIE version, obsolete or older Web applications tend to lose compatibility. As many businesses still need these applications, Internet Explorer offers an effective way to use them without any inconvenience.

2. Management of Group Strategies

From the point of view of the administrator, the group strategy is extremely useful. By using it, you canlimit access to all the features of Windows 10 and even customize the settings of the operating system.If you want to have full control over the features that should or should not be allowed on a PC of your company, this can ideally suffice your request.It is fairly easy to configure and manage.

3. Join a domain

The junction ofdomain allows businesses toestablish a secure connection to a field of work.It was introduced with Windows 7 and since then it has remained a very useful feature for enterprise users.

By taking advantage of Windows domains,Network administrators can manage multiple computers and control them easily from one place. using the internet or aVPNthey can communicate with connected computers. As a result, companies can effortlessly manage the computers that their employees offer.

4. Access attributed

When entrusting the computer to a temporary worker, businesses may need tolockcompletelyWindows and give access only one application.It is Assigned Access that ensures that the entire operating system is locked, except for the application that is assigned. This is the key element of enterprise security. If you need it, Windows 10 Pro is the best choice for you.

5. Other features

In addition to the great-name features mentioned above, there are other Windows 10 Pro features that you should check before deciding which Windows edition you want to purchase.

As its name clearly indicates, Take a Test is designed specifically for the education market. It allows users to log in to take the exam.

PC Sharing is another feature that has found its way into the Enterprise Edition.allows businesses to configure more than one user on a PC.It not only offers more flexibility, but also allows many people to use a computer without any problem.

  • Dynamic provisioning

With Dynamic Provisioning, it is extremely simple to prepare any PC ready for use. To change, you no longer need to go through the long activation / deactivation of features.Crezsimplya profile ready for use on a USB stick, then insert it into the PC.After that, the computer will automatically configure everything efficiently.

Windows 10 Home vs Pro – The difference in price

Before concluding, it would also be useful to check the price difference. Currently, while Windows 10 family editionsidealmost 134 dollars (9 299 rupees), the Pro variant sells almost$ 213 (14,799 rupees)So, if you are ready to choose the professional version, you will have to pay a little more money. That said, if you want to buyWindows 10 a little cheaper or even free, you can consult our article on the following procedure by clicking on the corresponding link.

Windows 10 vs Windows 10 Pro Which one are you

After reading this article, have you decided to stick with Windows 10 Home or opt for the Pro variant? I would be very happy to know your choice and its main reasons. Of course, the basic version of Windows 10 contains almost all the trumps the task for most people.But it would not be wise to completely neglect the Pro variant, without looking closely what to offer. So let us know your choice in the comments section below. below.

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