Windows 10 Cloud PC: a Microsoft document confirms its arrival in 2021, here’s all we know

A Microsoft document that has leaked on the Net reveals that the firm is working on a Cloud PC service for Windows 10. This should be launched between March and June of this year, and would allow access to its computer from anywhere. which device. In particular, it would make it possible to use Win32 applications on Windows 10X.

Windows 10

We already knew that Microsoft wants to offer Windows 10 in the cloud from 2021. The information is confirmed thanks to a official document having appeared on the web. According to the latter, the firm plans to launch its service between March and June of this year. As a reminder, the Cloud PC is a virtualization service hosted on Azure servers that would allowaccess your computer from another device.

For this, users will go through the application Remote Desktop, currently used to display your computer screen on a smartphone or tablet. Once the service is launched, it will therefore allow users to interact directly with their files and software from the cloud. Three modes will be available: “Medium”For everyday needs,“Heavy”For better performance and“Advanced”Dedicated to professional users.

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Microsoft’s Cloud PC will allow remote use of its applications

According to the document, the service is also based on Microsoft Graph, a technology that allows data to be exchanged to collaborate in real time. The latter has received an update of its interface to include Cloud PC functionality, which confirms the imminent arrival of the service. “The Cloud PC interface is in preview and is now available for a selected group of users”, can we read in the document.

There is also some information that the service will allow run Win32 applications on Windows 10X. This is good news for future users of the operating system, who will be unable to launch these applications locally. However, they will have to wait a little before being able to benefit from it, since the support should be available. by 2022, along with the planned release of the Surface Neo.

Source: Windows Latest