Windows 10 build 9926 is out: here’s how to download it

Windows 10 build 9926 is out: here's how to download it

Image 1: Windows 10 build 9926 is out: here's how to download it

Here it is finally, the preview of Windows 10. The build 9926 delivers an impressive amount of novelties, perhaps the most important since the very first beta of Windows 10 released last October. Of course, this is only an unfinished version for the moment: all of the operating system’s functionalities are not yet integrated. But this edition, installable for free by everyone, gives you a serious idea of ​​what’s new in Windows 10. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

To recover Windows 10 and install it on your system, two cases arise:

  1. if you have already installed a previous edition of Windows 10, simply go to the module Windows Update. Click on the button Start, then on PC Settings > Update and recovery > Preview build and press the button Check. You should be offered a new update. The update is downloaded. After a reboot, you are facing build 9926 of Windows 10.Image 2: Windows 10 build 9926 is out: here's how to download it
  2. if you don’t never installed Windows 10 on your computer, recover one of the following two ISO files:

    You can either install Windows 10 in dual boot on your computer (in this case, you keep your current operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Linux, etc.). But you can also “virtualize” it within your own operating system. To do this, call on VirtualBox (free) or VMWare Workstation (paying). Finally, if you are asked for a serial number during installation, enter the following code: NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJRImage 3: Windows 10 build 9926 is out: here's how to download it

What new features are included in this edition?

This new version of the system offers several new functions: the voice assistant Cortana, The mode Continuum (dedicated to computers / tablets) or the beginnings of Spartan (the new browser). There are also functions already introduced in previous Windows 10 preview versions, such as the new Start button, the notification module, the display of Modern UI applications in windowed mode, etc. Finally, as you can see in the links provided below, Windows 10 is now available in French. This preview is fully functional and we did not encounter any major bugs while testing it. However, we do not recommend that you install it as a single OS on your system. Anyway, the final version of the OS should be released within 6 to 8 months, so there is no longer to wait. Finally, note that the system should experience another update and that a build 10000 should be delivered quickly.