Windows 10 build 21286: the taskbar displays news, storage management improves, all new features

Windows 10 version 21286 is released. The first build of the year reserves its share of fixes, but also some new features, starting with a new function dedicated to the taskbar.

Windows 10 News and interests

The new build of Windows 10 just arrived. Bearing the number 21286, it is currently intended for those who have subscribed to the Windows Insider program. As usual, if you decide to download it, we recommend that you install it on a second partition of your primary PC, or on a secondary machine. While Microsoft has fixed an impressive number of bugs, some remain from previous builds, while others may appear.

The new preview of Windows 10 welcomes a new application located in the taskbar and which allows you to consult the weather forecast and the latest news. It also offers un best way to manage PC storage space, whether through the Settings app, such as using a command line. Here is a quick overview of the new edition of Windows 10, for now intended for beta testers.

Windows 10 offers to see the latest news from a taskbar application

The taskbar is enriched with a feature that allows you to quickly consult your news feed. Baptized news and interests, this function is in the form of a small window located at the bottom right of the Windows 10 Desktop and provided with small tiles with rounded corners, tiles which provide various information: news, weather, stock market prices … In a flash of eye, one can take note of the last information. The icon of this application permanently displays the weather in the taskbar. Clearly, no need to systematically open the application to know the temperature and weather conditions.

Windows 10 News and interests

This space is completely customizable: it is possible among more than 4,500 news sources, like The Verge, The New York Times or the BBC. And if some are missing, there is always a way to ask Microsoft to add them via a small form provided for this purpose. However, this feature is currently only available in the following countries: United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India. Nothing is planned for France at the moment.

The new build 21286 of Windows 10 also offers better management of storage space

The new Windows 10 preview offers two new features related to storage management. The first concerns the Settings module, which tends to permanently replace the Control Panel. Microsoft explains that it is now possible ”to create and manage storage spaces from the Settings application. This includes creating storage pools and storage spaces, adding and removing disks, and optimizing pools. This new experience offers an accessible and modern experience integrated with other storage features. ”

This new option is available from the options Settings > System > Storage > Manage storage spaces. This functionality is not yet available to all Windows Insider program users: even after installing build 21286, it may not yet be available on your PC. If this is the case, you will have to relaunch Windows Update from time to time or wait until the next build (don’t worry, Microsoft generally releases one per week).

Windows 10 mods

Another novelty: the officialization of the order diskusage. As we explained last week, this function allows to list the contents of a partition or of a directory, by classifying the files and the folders by size or by extension. Enough to easily locate the largest data on the hard drive and better manage the available space. This option had already been introduced in the previous build of Windows 10, but with the utmost discretion. With the release of build 21286, Microsoft is officially communicating about it. To discover its full potential, just run the command Diskusage /? from the Windows 10 command prompt (in administrator mode).

WSL improves, while Microsoft fixes Windows 10 with a host of patches

The system for installing a Linux distribution welcomes a small novelty: it is now possible to run any type of Linux command when starting a WSL distribution. To do this, edit the /etc/wsl.conf file of the distribution and add an option called “command under the” boot “section. The command in question will run each time the WSL distribution starts.

Finally, last little novelty: Windows File Recovery partially revamped. As a reminder, this application unveiled in June 2020 with the 2004 build of Windows 10 allows you to recover files deleted accidentally. The update to this utility now offers two types of recovery: normal mode for fast recovery of files deleted from an NTFS volume, while extended mode performs a deep search and is intended for most file systems.

Windows 10 Windows File Recovery

This new edition of Windows 10 offers a whole lot of fixes. As an example, we can cite a bug affecting disk management, another which blocked certain printers, or even a last which concerned a connection problem on the part of websites and applications of Windows 10. You will find the Complete list of fixes for Windows 10 on Microsoft’s blog. The same page also lists the bugs that have not yet been resolved, but which will be resolved by the next buid or failing that, by the finalized version 21H1 of Windows 10.

How to install Windows 10 build 21286

To download Windows 10 build 21286, remember that you must first register for the Windows Insider program. It is completely free, provided you have a Windows 10 license. To access it, click on the Start button, then go to Settings > Update and security > Windows Insider Program. Click on the button To start in order to join the program in question.

Windows 10 download build 21286

You will have to connect to your Microsoft account, then restart your PC in order to be able to download the new preview of Windows 10. To retrieve it, nothing could be simpler: return to the application Settings, then click Windows Update. Click on Check for updates, in order to download and install Windows 10 build 21286. A restart will be required again.