Windows 10 build 14257: Microsoft “partially” fixes bugs

Windows 10 build 14257: Microsoft "partially" fixes bugs

Image 1: Windows 10 build 14257: Microsoft

“Not a week without a new build of Windows 10” could be Microsoft’s slogan at the start of the year. The editor of Redmond effectively links at high speed the beta versions of its OS. It is therefore logical that a new build has just landed on Microsoft’s servers, a build accessible from the Windows Insider program. What’s new in this version 14257, so ?

As announced last week by Microsoft, we should not expect new features for the moment. The developers of Redmond are more focused on completely modifying the core of the system, in order to standardize it on all types of hardware (PC, smartphones, ARM processors, Xbox One console, etc.). This is the famous project OneCore, which should be finalized with Windows 10 Redstone, the biggest update the OS will experience this year. The build 14257 therefore sets out to correct the many bugs spotted in recent weeks and that we have mentioned here and here.

This new edition fixes the problems relating to Connect button in Notification Center, or those related to loading developer tools under Microsoft Edge. But the most important correction concerns the applications crash, which required a restart of the machine: good news, according to Microsoft, there should not be any more. Finally, the editor of Redmond, also rectified the situation for the display modes at 150% and 175% DPI, and took the opportunity to correct a bug affecting the ZIP files.

But as usual, other bugs have appeared in this new edition. Cameras RealSense, which allow you to unlock the PC using the Windows Hello function, are no longer recognized. The error window WSClient.dll still hasn’t been resolved, and what’s worse: the function of computer reset (accessible from the Start button and functions Settings > Update and security > Recovery > Reset this PC) makes the computer inoperative. No choice but to reinstall Windows completely. Microsoft also specifies that this bug was already present in build 1451 and that it is therefore advisable not to use this yet very practical function.

If you feel like it, to test this new edition, nothing could be simpler. In Windows 10, just click on the Start button, then go to the menu Settings > Update and security > Advanced options > Get Insider Preview builds > To start. However, we advise you not to install it for everyday work, but rather to install it in a virtual environment or in dual boot on your PC.>> Read also: Windows 10: top tips and tricks