Windows 10: build 14251 fixes bugs, but introduces new ones

Windows 10: build 14251 fixes bugs, but introduces new ones

Image 1: Windows 10: build 14251 fixes bugs, but introduces new ones

Less than a week ago, Microsoft released a new beta of Windows 10, the build 11102. The trouble is, this edition suffered from more bugs than it offered new features. To rectify this, the editor of Redmond has just released a new build, supposed to correct all the problems detected in the beta last week.

Why change the numbering?

Let’s start by mentioning the fact that the new build in question is the 14251. Why such a jump in the numbering between two editions released a week apart? Gabe Aul, manager of the Windows Insider, explains that it was necessary to make the build numbers of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile coincide. And as there is a significant gap between the two, Windows 10 PC therefore joins the numbering of Windows 10 Mobile. The same Gabe Aul also specifies that there are no major innovations in this 14251 edition, and that there are improvements dedicated to Cortana and already released earlier this week to Windows Insider users.

However, this new preview fixes some of the main bugs spotted last week. So, it solves the problem of switching from windowed mode to full screen mode in games. Bugs regarding the narrator, the magnifying glass And the others assistive technology have also disappeared. Finally, a problem concerning 175% DPI display in Explorer has also been identified and resolved.

One step forward, two steps back

Is everything good in the best of worlds? Not quite, because some bugs from the previous build are still present, when others appear. Thus, a “WSClient.dll” dialog box may appear when the user logs on. Nothing alarming, since it suffices to execute the following command line to get rid of it (using administrator privileges): schtasks / delete / TN “MicrosoftWindowsWSWSRefreshBannedAppsListTask” / FAnother bug, already spotted in build 1102, concerns the Connect button in the Notification Center: it simply disappeared, but by pressing the keys simultaneously [Windows] + [P], you can connect to a wireless device again.

If we rule out one last problem concerning the development tools of Microsoft Edge, a new bug still quite annoying in this new edition makes its appearance. Because of a new memory management method, apps can visibly experience serious problems and suddenly quit. Microsoft recommends that you resolve the problem by restarting the computer. Not really practical for working on a daily basis… All is not settled therefore since last week and once again, it is better to wait for a more stable version to risk experimenting with a new beta.

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