Windows 10 build 10576: Microsoft is not done with the new features

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Image 1: Windows 10 build 10576: Microsoft is not done with the new features

A new beta Windows 10 has just been released: just over two weeks after the build 10565, it’s the turn of the 10576 to show off. And just like the previous version, this new edition reserves some relevant innovations.

The new version of Windows 10 allows stream video and audio directly from Microsoft Edge to another compatible device DLNA /Miracast. A function Play media on device made his appearance. In practical terms, this allows you to stream content from YouTube, for example, to a home TV. This new feature is compatible with Pandora (for music), Facebook (for photos) and YouTube (for video). Note that with a site offering protected content, such as that of Netflix, broadcasting does not work.

Second innovation: the possibility of request information from Cortana from a PDF open in Microsoft Edge. You just need to consult a PDF via the browser, highlight a word or expression and ask Cortana for assistance in finding information about them.

Windows 10 Threshold 2: what’s new

Third novelty: the application Xbox now offers find all his Facebook friends who are also on Xbox Live, chat with them, share videos, etc. Finally, this version of the application has all the new features that were announced last September, namely the possibility of comparing his progress with his friends, to consult their connection status in real time (the refresh is automatic).

To take advantage of this new preview of Windows 10, the procedure is always the same: from the operating system, go to the tool Settings accessible from the menu Start. Click on Updates and security, then in the section Windows Update, head over Advanced options. From the section Get Insider builds, Click on the button To start. The computer will then restart. See you again on Updates and security, then start an update search. Recall that, even if the OS was released in finalized version on July 29, Microsoft continues to offer beta test versions of its OS. These augur for the next big update of the OS, which will be released next November.