Windows 10: build 10147 goes the trunk

Windows 10: build 10147 goes the trunk

Image 1: Windows 10: build 10147 is going trunk

Not a week goes by without a new preview of Windows 10 does not appear on the web. Sometimes it is Microsoft which officially releases a beta, sometimes it is an Internet user who makes it available without the publisher’s agreement. Today is the 10147 which has just leaked, which reserves some notable improvements.

Windows 10 build 10147 comes to us from a Chinese forum and was therefore broadcast under the cloak. The first novelty concerns Microsoft Edge, which replaces Internet Explorer. The new browser now offers a real tool for better managing your passwords. Thanks to it, you can save and find all your precious sesames one by one directly from the right pane of the browser, and share them (or not) with other devices. The version in question should also offer Windows Hello (the option was activated in version 10146), the recognition tool that allows you to get rid of passwords. The module, accessible from the PC settings function, allows you to instantly unlock your computer or tablet according to three types of user recognition: face, iris, or fingerprints.

Windows 10 gets a makeover

Microsoft also appears to have worked on many aesthetic aspects of the OS. The text in the tabs of the dialog boxes is now centered, the graphical elements of the various menus of the system properties have been improved, and even the interfaces of the tools provided for Win32 have been revised and corrected. These are often discrete modifications, but which ultimately offer Windows 10 a serious facelift. Finally, a new wallpaper is appearing. Note that the application Phone Companion seems to have been integrated, but is not yet functional. This application will allow the user to easily manage and synchronize all of their multimedia files (photos, music, etc.) with their smartphone or tablet. The application in question will work with Android, IOS and Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile.

Build 10147 is not the most recent version, since Microsoft has already compiled a 10151 for some of its testers. No doubt other preversions will leak or be officially released before the final edition, still scheduled for July 29.

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