Windows 10: bug causes random restarts, Microsoft is rolling out a fix

Windows 10 is the victim of a new bug. According to Microsoft, some computers with the October 2020 Update installed sometimes restart for no reason. Some users also claim that a malfunction randomly deletes passwords saved by the operating system. To correct the situation, the American firm has included a patch in the most recent versions of Windows 10.

Windows 10

According to our colleagues at Windows Latest, some PCs that have installed the 20H2 update (October) encounter random forced restarts. The existence of this bug had been reported as early as November. At the time, Microsoft pointed to a compatibility issue with the October update. In the process, the IT giant also mentioned bugs generated on certain systems because of two features: Local Security Authority Process and integrated MMC consoles.

These malfunctions essentially result in random restarts. Concretely, the computer automatically restarts for no reason, even if the user is at work. In these cases, it happened that the PCs did not record the progress of the users, leading to data loss.

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Microsoft is making fixes on Windows 10

If a window indicating “Your PC will automatically restart in a minute”, we advise you to record what you were doing as quickly as possible. Microsoft has included a fix for this bug in the latest Windows 10 updates. If you have encountered the bug of forced restarts, you just need to install the newer version offered on your computer. Microsoft ensures that the most recent version of Windows 10 version 20H2 is bug-free.

In the process, Microsoft claims to have developed a fix for the password bug. Concretely, a malfunction automatically deleted your connection sessions on applications and websites after restarting your computer. At this time, this hotfix is ​​being deployed to PCs that are members of the Windows Insider program. Soon this fix will be rolled out to all users.

Source: Windows Latest