Windows 10: 97.5% of Samsung Galaxy are now compatible with PC calls

Microsoft announces that 97.5% of Samsung Galaxy smartphones are now compatible with Your Phone – Link to Windows, the Windows 10 feature that allows you to bring many features of your smartphone into the Windows environment. Recently, including phone calls. Thanks to its partnership with Microsoft almost all Samsung Galaxy smartphones are compatible.

Windows 10 PC
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In addition to synchronizing your Photos, notifications, SMS and displaying the phone screen, the Your Phone system component of Windows 10 and Android application Link with Windows have been offering for over a year on a handful of smartphones to make and answer phone calls directly from your computer. Microsoft just added a slew of new PC calling compatible devices. There is an overwhelming majority of Samsung Galaxy. What will not surprise anyone: Samsung and Microsoft have signed a partnership to accelerate the integration of experiences between smartphone and PC.

Microsoft is following in Apple’s footsteps in this regard, since iPhones and Macs have allowed this type of advanced use for many years. Apart from the Microsoft Surface Duo, there are a total of 39 compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones, i.e. 97.5% of smartphones in the range. Obviously, with such support, we can find smartphones like the Galaxy Fold and Flip, as well as high-end smartphones, like the Galaxy S and Note, and entry-level smartphones like the Galaxy A.

Windows 10: 39 Galaxy smartphones are now compatible with PC calls

Here is the complete list of smartphones compatible with calls on the PC:

  1. Duo Surface
  2. Samsung galaxy fold
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
  5. Samsung galaxy s20
  6. Samsung galaxy s20 +
  7. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  8. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  9. Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
  10. Samsung galaxy z flip
  11. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  12. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
  13. Samsung galaxy s10e
  14. Samsung galaxy a8s
  15. Samsung galaxy a30s
  16. Samsung galaxy a31
  17. Samsung galaxy a40
  18. Samsung galaxy a41
  19. Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
  20. Samsung galaxy a50
  21. Samsung galaxy a50s
  22. Samsung galaxy a51
  23. Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
  24. Samsung galaxy a60
  25. Samsung galaxy a70
  26. Samsung galaxy a70s
  27. Samsung galaxy a71
  28. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  29. Samsung galaxy a80
  30. Samsung galaxy a90s
  31. Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
  32. Samsung galaxy note9
  33. Samsung galaxy note10
  34. Samsung Galaxy Note10 +
  35. Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite
  36. Samsung galaxy s9
  37. Samsung galaxy s9 +
  38. Samsung galaxy s10
  39. Samsung galaxy s10 +
  40. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

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We note that Microsoft leaves users in a certain ambiguityé. As our colleagues from Android Headlines point out, the functionality appears unpredictably on Windows 10 machines when you have a compatible smartphone. It remains a mystery as of this writing as to how a machine will or will not be compatible. This could both betray geographic limitations and incompatibilities linked to certain PC configurations.

Source: Android Headlines