Windows 10: 6 years later, Cortana has finally found a use

Cortana should soon have a handy new feature. Indeed, some users of the Insider program have noticed a new feature in the new Windows 10 Build: the ability to search for a file by directly asking the virtual assistant.


Cortana is increasingly being pushed aside by Microsoft. Paradoxically, the virtual assistant will benefit from a very practical new feature which should make life easier for users and which has appeared for members of the Windows Insider program: it is now possible to search for a file on your PC using only voice.

Insider program users have access to to a new build of Windows 10. As a reminder, this program allows beta testing in advance the next functionalities of the operating system before their official release (or not if they have not convinced).

Sometimes a file can get lost in the bowels of your computer and in this case using the search engine is a solution. It is now possible to do it by voice. Cortana uses AI to find the file in question. Microsoft specifies that the assistant recognizes several ways of proceeding.

“Hey Cortana, find me a file”

For example, it is possible to search for a file by date saying “Hey Cortana, find my recent PDFs”, even according to its author via a “Cortana, find the Excel budget file sent by Anthony”. The Redmond firm also specifies that users of a professional account can also use this method to find a file on One Drive. Convenient. At the moment, the thing is only available in English.

Now remains to know whether or not this feature will be used by the general public. Cortana is indeed more and more shunned and Microsoft now offers to do without it altogether. Indeed, it is possible to remove the assistant button in the taskbar of Windows 10 and during a first start of the operating system, we are even offered not to use it at all. On smartphones, Cortana is no longer even available.

In any case, if this new feature manages to convince the Insiders, we can expect to see it land sooner or later. in a future update. And you, could this new feature interest you? Tell us in the comments !