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Will the jailbreak become illegal in the United States?

Will the jailbreak become illegal in the United States?

The iPhone jailbreak could become illegal in the United States if the exemption granted by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) expires and is not renewed. The Electronic Fontier foundation calls jailbreak users to the rescue to support it, both on iPhone and on other devices.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling attention to the end of the jailbreak exemption in the United States. His "Jailbreaking is not a crime" campaign aims to support jailbreak on all media and raise public awareness of the importance of keeping an open system.

The DMCA is an act that blocks copyright infringements and makes certain actions illegal in the United States. In practice, an iPhone user who jailbreaks his device could, if he is checked by the police, be subject to legal proceedings on American soil. It is therefore not surprising that the foundation fully supports this campaign and does everything it can to raise public awareness, notably with a website about the Jailbreaking campaign is not a crime. The association encourages users to leave a comment on the website to support their fight for the survival of the jailbreak in the United States.

Each year, the DMCA revises its priorities and decides to determine the legality of certain actions. The foundation hopes to maintain the legality of the jailbreak but also extend it to game consoles and tablets this year. Note that in the USA, the jailbreak has only been "legal" for two years. The foundation therefore insists on the importance of supporting its struggle, which must be done day after day to preserve the rights acquired for the users.

For us Europeans, the illegality of the jailbreak in the United States could mean a much less active scene, even the closure of certain networks and possible arrests on American soil. Whether we like it or not, the DMCA exemption is indeed a global issue for the jailbreak scene.

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(Source: AppleInsider)