Will the future iPhone be waterproof?

An inventor of a solution to make smartphones waterproof recently said his company works with the top ten smartphone manufacturers. Is Apple one of them?


If there is one specification that Apple could work on, it is the ability to make its products waterproof. And more particularly his iPhone, even the iPad, since they are more inclined to be used outdoors. Especially since domestic accidents quickly happened. Typical case, we forget our iPhone in the back pocket of my jeans and the latter falls into the toilet bowl, making the smartphone more often than not usable … In the most extreme situations, the smartphone can also be found, for example, in a washing machine.

The American glove has plans to move forward in this area. He also proved it, just last week, by filing patents to that effect. The solution would be to protect the front of the smartphone against liquid attacks but in details, we will not know more …

But has Apple teamed up with a third party specializing in this area to improve this point? This is what one might believe after the statements of an official of a firm specializing in the American television channel CNN. Stephen Coulson, CTO of P2i, a firm specializing in waterproof coatings, said that "his company works with the ten largest manufacturers of telephones". And who says important manufacturer, necessarily implies Apple. unless Coulson went a little quick in order to take advantage of good visibility, which cannot be excluded. In the meantime, this British firm has developed an effective solution which consists of a spray applied to any solid surface. The thin layer then protects these surfaces from liquid attack. P2i’s technology has already convinced Motorola, which has integrated it into ten million of its latest smartphones.

It remains to be seen whether Apple could already use such a solution for its next iPhone?

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Presentation of P2i technology on video: