what is this mobile device with 4K display and SnapDragon 810?

Will it ship with Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones?

The next benchmark smartphone from Samsung logically did not make an official appearance during the show CES 2015 Las Vegas and should be revealed near the MWC 2015 fair in Barcelona later this year.

Galaxy S6 1 The future Galaxy S6 and its variants (Galaxy S6 Edge ?) continue despite everything to be the subject of numerous rumors and one brought by the site SamMobile concerns the accessories that will accompany it.

It is indeed on the headphones side that the last noises of the corridor are concentrated with the affirmation that the Galaxy S6 will be delivered with a helmet Sennheiser. According to the site, it is probably Bluetooth listeners that are planned.

Impossible to know on the other hand if the presence of this helmet will concern all the Galaxy S6 or a specific variant which would then benefit from a more luxurious treatment.

The same SamMobile has lifted the veil on a accessories series for the next benchmark smartphone, with several types of case, screen protectors or a charging base.