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Will Disney CEO conflict with Apple?


Posted: March 7 2019
Updated: March 6, 2019

by Steve

You are probably aware thatApple as Disney intend to enter the great universe of video streaming. Netflix, Amazon Premium Video and Hulu obviously do not have enough competitors, according to the two American firms. Disney Plus is still relatively vague, even if we know from a reliable source that series Star Wars and Marvel (like the Red Witch) are currently in production. But Apple Video, for its part, should be announced at the end of March during a keynote reserved for Apple services.

bob iger steve jobs - Will Disney CEO conflict with Apple?

Several analysts admit that Apple’s streaming service is likely to encounter several difficulties, faced with the hegemony of Netflix. But whatever ! The Cupertino company still wants to embark on the adventure … even if it leads to a conflict as logical as expected: Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, is on the board of Apple. Do you see us coming? This new competition between Apple and Disney over their streaming services may well push Bob Iger to the exit.

The presence of Bob Iger was explained by the non-competition of the two firms: each in turn, the two brands engaged in their own business sectors. But their ambitions today risk separating them. As a reminder, Eric Schmidt, ex-president of Google, also had to leave his post at Apple 10 years ago. In question ? The conflict of interest between Android and iOS.