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Wikipedia Mobile

A much more practical app than the encyclopedia’s mobile site (or its iPhone version). Unquestionably a must-have!

We no longer present the Wikimedia foundation as well as Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which is now a reference for everyone and for all research. For some time now, apps have been flourishing allowing you to consult the site but none of the official and really well done; it’s done and it is already certain that it will be part of the download tops shortly.

The app gives direct access, as on the page fr.wikipé to the “Highlight” of the day (translate “Light on”) an article from the encyclopedia highlighted today and to a simple but effective search bar offering suggestions as the user types their search.

In order to adapt to the smartphone format, the articles are displayed from the outset in folded mode like the mobile version of the site.

What does this app do more than the mobile site? In a few words :

  • language change on the fly,
  • saving history,
  • the saving of pages which can be, suddenly, consulted offline,
  • the geolocation of the user in order to allow him to access articles related to the places where he is.

In addition to this it will be possible to share the current page by bluetooth, dropbox, email, wifi or, of course, by message.