Wikipdia crosses 2 million articles in French

Wikipdia crosses 2 million articles in French

The French version of Wikipedia was launched in March 2001. The one hundred thousandth article was published in April 2005. In May 2007, French Wikipedia reached half a million articles. The millionth article was published in September 2014.

On July 8, the two millionth article in French was published and relates to Xcacau Corona, a geological formation in the shape of a crown on the second planet of our solar system, Venus.

" For the French version alone, these two million articles, distributed in more than 1,000 thematic portals, represent nearly 150 million modifications made by thousands of Internet users. ", can we read in a press release from the Francophone volunteer community.

" This increase in content is the result of the voluntary work of approximately 19,000 active registered contributors each month and tens of thousands of anonymous (without a user account). "

All languages ​​combined, Wikipedia is now around 48.3 million articles and some 2.4 billion modifications. French occupies the fifth position. At the top, English (5.7 million articles), ahead of Cebuano (5.4 million), Swedish (3.8 million) and German (2.2 million).

Second place in Cebuano, a language spoken in the Philippines, may seem surprising, as is third place in Swedish. Take into account the use of bots (software robots). We will also notice a lot of short articles from geographic databases for Cebuano.