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WikiLeaks Publishes Sony Archives and Emails

WikiLeaks Publishes Sony Archives and Emails

WikiLeaks recently announced that it had made available to Internet users some 30,287 documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment as well as 173,132 emails sent to or received from more than 2,200 SPE addresses. The whistleblowing site clarified that it was thus easy to carry out searches thanks to a few filters installed.

Sony-Pictures-hack "These records show the inner workings of an influential multinational. It is newsworthy, and at the center of a geopolitical conflict. It is in the public domain and WikiLeaks will make sure it stays that way" said Julian Assange.

The data was recovered following the hacking of the firm which took place last November. By the way, it is the personal data of 47,000 employees and third parties who have flown away in nature … Between confidential emails, films not yet exploited, script, advertising or partnership contracts … Sony has lost a lot in the 'case.

Following the piracy, the group which claimed responsibility for the attack posed an ultimatum to the firm: abandon all exploitation and distribution of the film "the interview that kills" under penalty of publishing certain sensitive data recovered … of a vast investigation, the USA immediately pointing the finger at North Korea.

For WikiLeaks, the publication of these archives for informative purposes allows us to better understand the workings of a large multinational, to observe its lobbying activities, and even its links with the American Democratic Party.

The archives thus make it possible to highlight the close links between SPE and the White House, as well as the group's ability to influence laws and policy.

Sony's archives are gathered on a dedicated page of WikiLeaks.