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WikiLeaks: Apple claims to have fixed flaws exploited by the CIA


Posted: March 29 2017
Updated: April 5, 2017

by benjamin

Last Thursday, WikiLeaks released new documents on spyingiPhone and of Mac orchestrated by the CIA. The reaction of the Cupertino company was quick. Via TechCrunch, Apple said the security bugs exploited by the US agency have been fixed for several years already.

WikiLeaks continues to unpack on the Apple folder. Earlier this month, information was released detailing a number of exploits involving a wide range of physical media. The first documents contained thousands of files and revealed 14 methods of hacking iOS ranging from simple surveillance to remote control of devices.

wikileaks - WikiLeaks: Apple claims to have fixed the flaws exploited by the CIA

In its press release, the brand with the apple indicates that the iPhone 3G of 2008 were its only phones having presented a vulnerability. She claims to have fixed the problem the following year, during the launch of the iPhone 3GS. The Cupertino company also reports that the security vulnerabilities of all Macs have been fixed since 2013.

Opportunist, Apple is also WikiLeaks to transmit to it all information which has not yet been published concerning the safety of its products.