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Wi-Fi Finder

Efficient, fast and above all free, this app will be able to troubleshoot easily. Very worked, whether on iPhone or Android, the interface is a good reflection of the quality of this app; download now!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an unlimited mobile data plan, a 3G card for their laptop or a phone capable of sharing their (slow) connection. In order not to be deprived and cut off from the internet, WiFi is a solution and hotspots are its relays. But now, how do you know where to position yourself, in which bar or where to go to find the famous signal? Available free for iOS or Android, Wi-Fi Finder is the answer to this question, therefore you will never be without a network again!

Rather well done, this application will therefore allow, via geolocation, to find the WiFi networks closest to the user, whether these are free access terminals or in a restaurant, cafe, etc. It will also allow filter access points between paid networks, free networks or both (” Both “) or by service provider.

Interesting option; you will be able to download the access point database in order to be able to find all of the available networks offline. If the user cannot geolocate either, he can indicate the address or simply the postal code of where he is located.

Finally, it will be possible to add hotspots manually if the user finds them again in order to complete the editor’s database.

Android version will also detect nearby networks and indicate their direction, intensity, name and whether they are secure or not! A nice feature in addition for smartphone users with this system.