Why your battery drains so quickly and how to fix it

Why your battery drains so quickly and how to fix it

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How a smartphone battery works

When you open the box of a new smartphone, the first thing to do is to consult the user manual. What are we doing instead? We take the smartphone, turn it on and start downloading the basic apps. It's not a big mistake, but knowing your smartphone's battery allows you to use it properly and slow down its degradation.

Most smartphones have a lithium ion or lithium polymer battery. Both batteries are actually lithium-ion batteries and, as such, can be recharged at any time, they do not need to be fully discharged. It is advisable to partially recharge them (from 30% to 80%). Almost all recent devices offer non-removable batteries and although some reach 5000 mAh, you will still need some tips to optimize their use.

Androidpit Tips and tricks 4
on, do not try to dismantle your smartphone by yourself, it is not a good idea! AndroidPIT

Easily analyze the problem

1. Android updates

You have to start with this: one of the most common causes of increased energy consumption is an update that has side effects. It often happens that new versions of Android encounter certain problems (this is also the reason why some users wait for the first feedback before installing them), and among the many concerns that can occur, the battery problem is one of the most frequent.

As you know, many elements continue to run in the background and, sometimes, the updates cause problems at this level: applications are restarted, or on the contrary never stop, etc. In other words, if you have made an update recently, go to the comments on the Internet to see if others have the same problem and, above all, wait for a patch in the next update. If you can't wait, flash the original ROM.

2. Find the cause

There is on all your Android smartphones a tab detailing all the features that use the battery, sorted by order of magnitude. This means that, at a glance, you will be able to identify the source of your problem. You just have to go into settings > Drums to access it, and this, on all versions.

androidpit battery usage
By clicking on the features, you can access even more details. AndroidPIT

If this tab does not seem sufficient to you, nothing is lost: you can install a third-party application that will give you even more information. There are several in this genre, I personally use GSam Battery Monitor, which does a great job. Install the app, and give it a few days to gather the statistics it needs.

GSam Battery Monitor
Install on Google Play

3. Your guts are too greedy

Often it is your screen that draws all the energy from your battery. In normal times, it should not go beyond the 15% of use of your autonomy. The case becomes more and more worrying as the screen definitions increase: difficult to maintain good autonomy with such a greedy screen.

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Our notch, source n1 of your loss of autonomy. AndroidPIT

The solution

Simply lower the brightness of your screen. Some manufacturers also offer an automatic mode, allowing the screen to adapt to the light around you. The result is more or less optimal depending on your smartphone, but already saves a few minutes or even additional hours.

If your device has a screen with OLED technology, use (if necessary in the smartphone software) the black theme or the dark mode and a dark background. The OLED notches illuminate that the colored pixels, the blacks remain dyed. Then, by using backgrounds or dark themes, you will decrease battery consumption.

4. Remove the vibrations

If you do not really need it, it will be useful to turn off the vibrations of your smartphone. This function consumes much more battery than having a ringer or silent mode. You know very well that, by experience, activating the vibration will not help you hear incoming calls. Once you are on the move, even if you have the device in your pocket, you will not notice anything.

5. Deactivate haptic feedback

Have you already deactivated tactile feedback (tactile)? To understand each other, we refer to this slight vibration that is perceived when you select something or when you use the keyboard (when it is active, of course). The more you use your device to write, access applications or any other function requiring tactile interaction, the more the haptic feedback will affect the battery consumption.

To deactivate this option, go to Settings> Advanced> Language and input. As for the Google keyboard, you have to click on Preferences to deactivate the vibration of the key.

6. Connectivity which you must know how to give up

Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and WIFI when you don't need it. Often, without realizing it, we leave these functions unnecessarily active. Even if they seem to be present without affecting the life of the battery, the search for a network is in continuous reality, which leads to significant consumption of the battery.

It is therefore advisable to deactivate all the elements linked to the different types of connectivity when these are not necessary or to keep active only the network that you want to support.

7. Don't underestimate app updates

Keep apps up to date with the latest version. There is a reason why developers decide to update their applications and, from time to time, among other things, the performance of services is optimized, thereby reducing their battery consumption.

Your battery no longer holds up

Sometimes the source of the problem is not necessarily due to the system: it may just be your battery that runs out of steam. If your smartphone is a few years old, then it's pretty common. Indeed, a battery is designed for a certain number of charge cycles. Once this quota is exceeded, your battery will slowly start to flounder. If smartphones with removable battery are increasingly rare (except for Fairphone 3), it is possible to change the battery of your device by going to specialist shops.

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Having a removable battery makes things much easier if it needs to be changed. AndroidPIT

The solution

If your battery is removable, then order a new one to replace it. Otherwise, call a specialist or a service representative if it is still possible to request a battery replacement. But that's not all ! Remember that it is useless to wait until you reach 0% to recharge your smartphone: this is even harmful for the life of your battery.

Your charger is defective

If your battery seems to no longer charge, it is possible that it is not coming from your smartphone but rather from your charger. seems stupid, but it happens much more often than you imagine! It is also possible that your USB port is defective: in this case, rest assured, no need to change everything!

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The problem does not necessarily come from your smartphone! AndroidPIT

The solution

Test the load with another charger (from a friend, colleague …). Check if only the cable needs to be changed, or if there is a problem with the charger itself. You will save time and money with these simple tests. If it is the USB port, follow our tutorial to repair it yourself here: Is your phone no longer charging? Here are the solutions.

An application behaves strangely

Sometimes, following an update, one of your applications can lose your head: it suddenly starts pumping all the energy from your smartphone, for no apparent reason. By going to the tab Drums of your parameters, you will then see it appear in the list in most cases.

The solution

moment T, the best way to stop the carnage is to force the application to stop in your Settings> Applications. Click on the application in question then choose Force stop. Take the opportunity to delete its cache, on the same page (Empty the cache).

But in the long run, the application is likely to continue pumping you energy. The best solution is then to follow our detailed advice here: How to solve problems with an Android application.

"Android system" takes half of your resources

Always in the tab Drums, it is possible that one of those responsible for your reduced autonomy is named Android system. In practice, this should not take more than 3-4% of your distribution: if the percentage is higher, there is a problem. This means that your system is using more resources than it should: this kind of problem is often a faulty system update.

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Updating your system can be fatal for your independence. AndroidPIT

The solution

The best solution is also the most radical: there is indeed no miracle solution to downgrade to an earlier update. We therefore suggest that you reset your smartphone to the factory settings: in some cases, this allows you to revert to an earlier Android version. If not, a reset can be beneficial no matter what.

Google Play Services are too greedy

Google Play Services are now an integral part of your Android smartphones: in short, this is what allows Google applications and services to work and synchronize properly. Except that, you can imagine, Google Play Services are not always optimized, and can seriously damage your autonomy.

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Google Play Services is sometimes a problem. AndroidPIT

The solution

You have several options. The first takes place in your Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Services. On this page, delete the cache. If the box is not gray, try uninstalling the updates. If you can't, install the latest versions of Google Play Services from our article How to install the latest version of Google Play Services (6.1.83) regularly updated.

Nothing at all? There is still a solution!

Have you reviewed all the sources of loss of autonomy cited above, and nothing corresponds to your case? All is not lost: there is still a solution B. Many applications are dedicated to helping you save energy: we particularly recommend Deep Sleep, detailed in our article How (really) to improve the battery of your Android smartphone. Many of its features do not require root access.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver
Install on Google Play

Are you asking for more? Come on, one last tip …

Whether or not you have found the source of your problem, there are some essential tips you can follow to improve your lifespan on your Android. And, you are lucky, we have them all listed for you! So don't hesitate to take a look at our ultimate tips for optimizing your battery life to really change things.

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