Why Windows 10 version 1511 doesn't show up

Since yesterday, Microsoft has been deploying the Windows 10 November update. Previously known by the codename Windows 10 Threshold 2, it is notably distributed via Windows Update as version 1511.

Windows-10-pub-logoThe deployment is done in waves. Thus, not everyone will be served at the same time. But two reasons can also explain why this update of more than 3 GB is slow to show in Windows Update.

If the computer has been upgraded to Windows 10 for less than 31 days, the November update will not be immediately available. This is in fact in relation to the delay allowing to downgrade to the previous version of Windows. The PC will automatically download update 1511 only after 31 days.

The second scenario concerns Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users who have opted to postpone upgrades in the advanced options of Windows Update. Version 1511 will not be offered immediately, unless you disable this option.

In an FAQ, Microsof also specifies that if the November update has been uninstalled, it will not be possible to install it again from Windows Update. It will then go through obtaining Windows 10 from the Microsoft site.