Why Twitter rather than Facebook in iOS 5?

Why Twitter rather than Facebook in iOS 5?

One of the features in iOS 5 is the integration of Twitter. Nevertheless, the most widespread social network remains despite all Facebook. Why did Apple choose Twitter?

The answer to this question was given by Robert Scoble, an influential blogger, on his Google+ account and who asked the question to an Apple employee who answered him:

() I asked someone at Apple why they had an agreement with Twitter and not Facebook and the answer wasBecause Mark Zuckerberg is a p **** of the hole of the c **

It must be said that relations between Apple and Facebook have never been tender since the introduction of Ping. Apple’s social network was using Facebook’s integration with iTunes without permission from Facebook. Facebook reacted very quickly by cutting off any possibility for Apple to laugh at it.

Since then, Apple and Facebook do not seem to have reconciled, much to the delight of Twitter which has found a great showcase for its platform.

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( Google+ Robert Scoble )