Why is YouTube slower?

YouTube releases its iOS application in preparation for the iPhone 5

Image 1: Why is YouTube slower?

The problem is now recurrent. Many internet users complain about it. It is getting more and more complicated to watch a YouTube video in good conditions. Whose fault is it ? Google and ISPs are passing the buck.

Let’s start with a figure: 20 million is the number of unique visitors (VU) in France for the month of March. In 2006, YouTube recorded only 3 million VU over this same period.

5 to 15 minutes to upload a video

Google’s service has more than quadrupled its audience in 5 years. Problem, the bandwidth adapted in 2006, struggling to provide the speed required by users. “At the end of the day or on weekends, it takes 5 to 15 minutes to load a standard video”, consumers told UFC-Que Choisir.

If these waiting times are recorded at Orange, SFR and Free, they would be more present at the Iliad subsidiary, according to users. An observation that validates IP-Label in its analysis of the quality of ISP connections.

To resolve these congestion, access providers would have to enlarge their bands. But now, this operation has a cost. UFC-Que Choisir explains to Nouvel Observateur“Thatit’s normal for a giant like YouTube to pay for the development of the network it involves. ”

Arcep looked into this standoff between YouTube and the ISPs. A solution should be found at the political level in order to bring the two parties to agreement by a law, explains UMP deputy Laure de la Raudière.