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Why I prefer the Apple iPhone 11 Pro to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

As a user of multi-platform smartphones and mobile phone tester, I am looking for the device that best meets my needs, whether it runs on iOS or Android. Although I’m a fan and regular user of the S Pen, this year the iPhone 11 Pro caught my eye (even if it doesn’t come with a stylus!). The iPhone 11 Pro is an incomparable mobile phone on the market in terms of its connection speed. With a 4G amplifier, you will have a fast connection even in the most distant places of cities.

Millions of people use Android or iOS, and the two platforms offer largely the same functionality with a slightly different approach. Neither is the best for everyone, and as a person keen on new things, I like to test the most recent models of smartphones!

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released in 2013, I was impressed with the S Pen and got all the Note models. I bought the Galaxy Note 9 last year, but I didn’t upgrade to the Note 10 Plus. I will still keep the Note 9 to have my dose of S Pen from time to time, but my main everyday phone will be the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro for the following reasons:

Cut : I went through the iPhone XS Max and XR before choosing the iPhone XS last year, and the 5.8-inch iPhone is, I think, the perfect size. I have big hands and big pockets, but without anything revolutionary in software on the biggest models of iPhone, I prefer to have a smartphone with which I can run easily. This will be my third 5.8 inch iPhone model, and I hope Apple will continue to keep this size.

Unlocking / security system: Apple’s Face ID is great, and I guess it’ll be even better on the iPhone 11 Pro. When I take an iPhone, it is immediately unlocked. On the other hand, what makes me happy is that accessing my banking application is simple, because I just have to look at my phone and I can use the application. Samsung should have gone back to the Note 9’s rear sensor and iris scanner.

Applications: There was a significant gap between the iOS and Android apps, but it was hoped that this would not cause problems. However, many apps are even much better on iOS than on Android, and it’s not just about performance. The application Traeger works much better on my iPhone than on an Android phone, for example

Operating system updates: The iPhone 11 Pro was launched with iOS 13, and we can hope that it will receive updates for at least two years. Android 10 will be launched soon, and yet the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is unlikely to be updated for another six months. It’s not a disaster in most cases, but when you pay more than $ 1,000 for a phone, these are things you should be able to count on.

AirDrop : It takes a few steps to upload photos to Google Photos and share them with loved ones, which I do all the time. However, one of the coolest things I want to introduce to new iPhone users is AirDrop. It is easy to share photos directly with other iPhone users, so much so that people look at you like you were a magician. It is an impressive function that is often overlooked.

Battery life : The new iPhone 11 Pro has a battery life of 4 to 5 hours greater than the iPhone XS. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus doesn’t last as long as last year’s Galaxy Note 9, so for one more reason, the Note 9 is better than Note 10.

Some people can’t afford a luxury of choosing iOS or Android, but if you can, I recommend the iPhone 11 Pro. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a fantastic phone with the latest technology from Samsung inside and millions of people prefer it, but it’s the iPhone 11 Pro that I find perfect for my daily life!