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“Why choose the iPhone”: Apple’s new punch campaign

Apple absolutely want you to buy her iPhone. To do this, the apple brand has launched, in recent days, a campaign called ” Why choose the iPhone ” After invading Germany, the promotion is now arriving in France and the United Kingdom. And strangely, no sign of her in the United States. Like what, sometimes, it feels good to be European.

Why Choose iPhone -

The iPhone is more than just a phone. It is a device that embodies each of our commitments “Writes Apple on its site. Several arguments, as effective as straight to the point, are then listed, to the delight of prospects: – Apple does not sell your data – Apple recycles your smartphone, even if it is not your iPhone – Face ID does not back up the picture of your face – With iOS 12, even your old iPhone goes faster – You can limit the way ads follow you – Apple has developed a robot that disassembles iPhones – The iPhone scrambles the data in the Apple application Plans – On the iPhone, all your FaceTime calls are encrypted – If you lose your iPhone, you can erase its content remotely – The final assembly of an iPhone produces no waste in landfill

In addition to these textual arguments, the Cupertino company also decided to set up several advertising spots, to image all of this. And she continued the operation on Twitter, just that.