who are the french internet users?

Médiamétrie is thus trying to draw up a robot portrait of the typical Internet user of 2014 and publishes a study on the uses of the web in France over the year.

Internet According to the study, we would be 43.8 million Internet users in France, representing a penetration rate of 80.2% of the population and an increase of 1.5% compared to the previous year.

Regarding connection habits, the mobile Internet has definitely entered usage, since 55.7% of French people use it (30.4 million) and 29.1% use a tablet to access the Internet.

Not surprisingly, young people are the most connected, 69.6% of them connecting from a smartphone or tablet compared to 25.8% from a desktop computer.

New trend imposed by the explosion of games on social networks more and more compatible with mobile platforms (Boom Beach, Candy Crush Saga …): French people are spending more and more time playing on mobile. French women spend an average of 8:50 a month on online games from their smartphones, compared to an average of 3:28 in 2013.

Social networks remain particularly attractive, since they represent an average of 5.24 hours of consultation per month and per French. Meanwhile, email messaging only captures 3:50 of our time online.

Video platforms are not to be outdone since they are used daily by 10.2 million French people for an average of 29 minutes per day. And the multiplication of screens in homes is helping this growth, as is the democratization of Replay services from TV channels.

Video on demand now captures 11% of French people, even though only 2% of them visited the Netflix site in December.

The time has come for social TV, television programs inviting to share the opinion of viewers live on social networks, especially Twitter. 27.8% of Internet users have already commented on TV programs on social networks (43.5% among 15-24 year olds)