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Which processors will Apple use for the iPad 3 / iPhone 5?

Which processors will Apple use for the iPad 3 / iPhone 5?

Rumors about the processors running the future iPad 3 and iPhone 5 have been rife in recent months. We talk about dual-core, then quad-core, and the public is very often lost among all these possibilities, no longer knowing what to rely on. 9to5mac brought some clarifications on what could await us…

At the moment, it's impossible to say exactly which processors will run Apple's future machines. However, some response elements have appeared in the latest versions of iOS. So, it seems almost certain that Apple is working on two different processors for its machines. On the other hand, it is difficult to know whether the company will indeed opt for an A5X and A6 jointly for different machines or exploit the two possibilities to make its decision at the last minute. For now, it looks like leaked photos of iPad 3 and A5X processors indicate that Apple's next tablet will run on this type of card. Indeed, the A5 processor was labeled S5L8940X, while the one present on the A5X processor would be labeled S5L8945X, which would mean that the iPad 3 would run on an improved version of the A5 processor and not on a new type of processor. For the consumer, this could mean a more powerful machine, but not necessarily revolutionary.

Conversely, the presence of the S5L89 code50X in iOS 5.1 suggests the arrival of an A6 processor, the latter being attributed to the jump of 10 in the units preceding the X. This reference could correspond either to an alternative version of the iPad 3, or to the future iPhone 5. This of which we are at least certain is that the A5X and the A6 have been or are being tested and should correspond to one or more machines. And as 9to5mac notes, nothing prevents Apple from releasing two versions of the iPad, one could then be sold cheaper than the other thanks to this change of unit.

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