Which Android keyboard to choose?

Which Android keyboard to choose?


Image 1: Which Android keyboard to choose?

The smartphones and shelves are taking up more and more space in our lives. They are gradually replacing most of the other devices we use: cameras, books, TV and even computers. One thing does not change between the PC and the phone: writing. The means are not the same: from keyboard physical we moved on virtual keyboard. Only comfort and precision have little to do with the two. However, writing is an essential criterion to ensure the sustainability of a medium, from which we write SMS, mails and sometimes much more.

The virtual keyboards have never been the fort of Google. Unlike that ofiPhone who knew how to seduce and impose themselves from the start, those ofAndroid have had to evolve a lot over the updates before improving. Let’s see the bright side. This gap was an opportunity for developers to imagine alternative solutions. There are several types of virtual keyboards with different objectives. Some favor speed, others precision, or even innovation. Like a browser or an email client, finding the one that suits us is not easy.

Image 2: Which Android keyboard to choose?

To save you a long search and tedious testing, we have reviewed 10 virtual keyboards. Each one surfs on a different type of strike, some are paying, others free. But in the end, what will make your choice is that it matches the way you write.