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Where to find books

500 books: titles and editions. Books purchased as files cost less than their paper equivalent. A true electronic editor.
Novels, essays, textbooks and practical life books. All readable with the new Cytale electronic book. Several catalogs of libraries gathered on the same site. Ideal for
download or print powerful books.
Some varied titles but limited interest in Edispher, a young publishing house. Classics of French literature online (free) or in the form of
CD-Rom (paying).
Works by little-known publishers and authors, with large extracts that can be downloaded free of charge. To discover new talents.
More than a hundred classics online (free) or in the form of floppy disks (paid). texts / default.htm
Classic works and reference texts, such as the Bible or the Koran, which can be downloaded free of charge thanks to the IUFM of Amiens.
35,000 books that can be read free of charge from the Internet, thanks to the BNF. Unfortunately, they are often digitized in image mode (each page is photographed), which does not make reading obvious.