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When the iPhone XIR is hiding in the Galaxy Note 10 leak

When the iPhone XIR is hiding in the Galaxy Note 10 leak

iphone xr iconIf you are not sure you understand the title, this is normal. A stolen photo of the future Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – expected for next week – does not reveal one but two future phones. In addition to the Korean smartphone, we can distinguish a model strangely similar to the iPhone XIR.

The iPhone XIR in the reflection of the Note 10?

As you certainly know, taking a picture of a black screen is quite difficult, the latter normally reflecting light, like a mirror. Suddenly, the leaker who took the snapshot of the Note10 was tricked (or did he do it on purpose) and revealed the phone used.

iphone xir galaxy note 10 leak

Spotted by a specialist in the genre, @UniverseIce, the photo lets glimpse a smartphone with an imposing and black photo block at the back. Given the layout, including the position of the flash, it is more of an iPhone XIR than an iPhone XI. The general style as well as the position of the volume buttons are so consistent.

It's meager for information, but it could well be the beginning of the acceleration of information on Apple's models of the fall. August is always a busy month. In any case, we wonder who is this new leaker who seems well informed.

In the meantime, I invite you to read our full article on the iPhone XI R which will win a photo lens, a new A13 chip, a new haptic engine and some small changes.