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When Symantec (Norton) wants to kill Internet Explorer

At the end of last week, several users reported problems related to the Internet Explorer browser. A browser that has started to crash repeatedly or is unable to launch.

Microsoft is not involved here and has not released a shaky new update. The symptoms have been experienced by users of solutions offered by the security company Symantec. As a spare tire, they had to opt for an alternative browser.

symantec-logoSymantec has identified a problem with its Symantec Endpoint Portection 12.1, Norton Security, Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security products. In question, the dissemination of a corrupt file and related to the definition of viruses.

In this case, an update 20150220.001 for an intrusion prevention module. Symantec reports that 32-bit versions of Internet Explorer have been impacted. In order to resolve this issue, a patch was pushed via Symantec's LiveUpdate servers. The same faulty update was thus repackaged in 20150221.001.

In the absence of a manual update, such updates for virus definitions are automatically deployed every four hours. The concern that has occurred can be compared to that of false positives for which an initiative around VirusTotal has recently been launched.