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When is it necessary to reset an Android mobile?

When is it necessary to reset an Android mobile?

Erase, delete, format, wiper there are different ways to talk about resetting in Android. Sometimes, it is necessary to go through this step to give a second youth to your smartphone. This is why in this article we want to explain to you when you should reset an Android mobile.

Reset Android after an update

After an update, there are many users who report bugs that we all know should not happen. Following which, you will certainly ask us: Why are some nasty bugs coming into my Android? To this question, I would answer you that the Android mobile operating system (like any other, by the way) is not perfect and sometimes gets tangled up. This can be for one or more functions, one or more third-party applications, game cached data or any other reason likely to trigger bugs.

If you just installed an update, save your data and reset everything. I agree that this manipulation is painful, but it will do you a great service.

androidpit nexus 5 sitting
Bugs may occur following an update, so resetting is recommended. AndroidPIT

Reset Android in case of slowdowns

Is your Android smartphone or tablet suffering from significant slowdowns? Do not ask yourself any more questions, the complete formatting of the device is the best way to erase them. In parallel, it is important to check what you install because there are a large number of intrusive applications that run in the background. You know, these famous applications that send you notifications every half hour, when you didn't ask for anything. Now imagine that you have 3 or 4 applications of the same ilk running in the background, I let you imagine the bad influence on your battery and the performance of your Android on a daily basis …

Reset Android in case of unexplained bugs

Force Close or forced crashes for no reason? Again, brainwashing your Android mobile is inevitable and will solve many problems. on this occasion, we advise you – again – to check your library of applications installed on your device and to delete the problematic ones. If you sacrifice a few, don't hesitate to take a look at the Play Store to find other alternatives.

androidpit Nexus 6P 50
Is a bug declared as if by magic? Once again, formatting is more than advisable. AndroidPIT

Reset Android after improper handling

After flashing a zipped image, your mobile has become almost unusable. In this case, the reset is undeniable to restore the system to its original state and thus start again on a healthy basis. Seeing that your mobile is blocked, the most direct solution remains to go through this article or through recovery by following these steps:

  • turn off your Android, then turn it back on while holding down volume up + home + power,
  • press wipe data / factory reset, then yes- delete all user data and validate with power,
  • once it's done, you are back in the general list and check reboot system now,
  • here! Normally, your Android should be rebooting by resetting itself.

Reset Android to do spring cleaning

In some cases, there are users who have no particular problem, but who still want to do a spring cleaning. Sometimes this is due to not too much data that the user wants to delete, but not one. To do this, he prefers to do it all at once. Again, the best way to do this is through the option of Restoring Factory Settings. In addition, the option will work even better if you have encrypted your data, thus ensuring a total and radical erasure without any trace.

Do you have other reasons to add the list? Comments are at your entire disposal.

This article was last updated on May 14, 2019, but comments written in previous versions have not been deleted.

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