When Greenpeace teases HP premises

When Greenpeace teases HP premises

Image 1: When Greenpeace tagging HP premises

Greenpeace has never been kind to manufacturers who do not care about the ecological cause, but this time the association is hitting hard by going directly to tag HP’s buildings in California. And in a very visible way.

The consequences of classification

Greenpeace regularly publishes a ranking of the least environmentally friendly IT manufacturers. The last public release at the beginning of July pinned notably Lenovo, Dell and HP. It was on the latter that environmental activists chose to strike to remind him of the commitments he had previously made.

The headquarters of HP in Palo Alto was therefore the victim of the punching action of Greenpeace. Its roof was covered with a huge tag “Hazardous Products”, mischievously taking the initials of the manufacturer. After making the promise to eliminate harmful chemicals from its products in 2009 and finally pushing it back to 2011, HP is thus bullied by Greenpeace: “Sometimes companies need to be reminded of their commitments. “

But the association is not outdone and also asked the actor Wiliam Shatner (Captain Kirk in Star Trek) to record a telephone message to assault the lines of the headquarters of HP. He asked them to follow the example of Apple, which had committed to reducing the use of toxic products in its machines and had done so. It remains to be seen whether this image deficit caused by these actions will decide HP to resume its forward march in the field of ecology.