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WhatsApp for Android is an essential application that allows you to easily chat with your contacts, regardless of their phone, by voice and video. A real reference used by millions of users, this app is easy to use and available in French.

A good way to save your package

On Android, phone plans are experiencing fierce competition from instant messaging solutions like Viber and Skype.

WhatsApp is also a free alternative available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and Symbian as well as Windows. On Android, the application makes it easy to communicate with friends, family and colleagues at no cost, excluding mobile data, voice, video or messages.

How to use it ?

This app does not require an account and only requires the user’s phone number. First, she searches for contacts who have WhatsApp in the phone book. Then free to start a discussion with two or more, to communicate internationally, to send attachments and above all to chat by voice or video in an unlimited and free way.

Its functions in detail

Besides sending text messages, the user can create chat rooms with a maximum of 256 users and attach photos, videos and audio clips to their messages. WhatsApp It also simplifies document sharing with support for attachments to 100MB messages.

Note also the integration of a personalization tool for shared photos with effects, a drawing function and the addition of smileys. On the security side, the application WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption of conversations and shared files. A padlock is then used to check whether calls and messages are encrypted in real time.