WhatsApp will soon allow the use of the web version without a smartphone

Hints in the latest beta show that WhatsApp is testing improvements around multi-device support. Connecting your primary device will no longer be required to use WhatsApp Web.

Credit: Unsplash

WhatsApp already offers the support for multiple devices for some time. Everything works through theWhatsApp Web API : you go to the WhatsApp site or open the application or page on your computer. A QR Code is displayed. You scan it with your smartphone and presto, as if by magic, your account is connected on the other device.

You can then write and view your messages on a larger screen. But be careful: only if your smartphone has battery and is connected to the internet. Our colleagues from WABetaInfo discovered in the last beta that the application is about to test an evolution of the functionality.

WhatsApp improves support for multiple devices

In particular by allowinguse other devices without necessarily having to connect your smartphone. Several screens taken up by the site indeed mention the use of WhatsApp Web “Faster, without having to keep your smartphone connected”. Another screen prompts you to “Join the new beta of WhatsApp Web which no longer needs you to keep your smartphone connected”.

Additionally, another screen reveals that “Up to 4 devices can be used simultaneously”. While teasing the arrival of three new features on WhatsApp Web and its Desktop versions: the ability to archive and mute chats, the ability to delete messages, or make calls from the Web version.

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Note that currently none of these features are available, including for beta members who have installed the latest version ( Unfortunately, we do not have more information at this stage. It is not known when WhatsApp actually plans to test these features, nor when they will have a chance to end up in a consumer version.

Source: WABetaInfo