Whatsapp: this is exactly the data that the application shares with Facebook

Whatsapp wanted to clarify what data will be shared with Facebook. A recent change in its terms of use has indeed created a vast controversy as well as an exodus of its users to other messaging applications. In reality, only conversations with companies are concerned.

Credit: Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

“We want to be clear that changing the terms of use does not affect the privacy of your messages in any way.” After threatening to close your account if you refuse to share data with Facebook, Whatsapp faces controversy. To ease tensions, and possibly to recover the many users who left the platform for the competition, the messaging app issued a statement detailing precisely what data is actually shared with Facebook.

To begin with, Whatsapp would like to remind you that it does not have access to messages, calls and other chat groups. Location and contact data will also not be collected by the group. “We can’t see your private messages, neither can Facebook”, repeatedly hammers the firm. The latter also recalls the possibility of configure the disappearance of messages, as well as download personal data in order to better understand what is being collected.

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Whatsapp only records discussions with businesses

The reality is therefore quite different. According to Whatsapp, the change of the terms of service only gives him the possibility access conversations with companies. The firm quickly clears all the spy rumors by recalling that “All communication by phone, email or Whatsapp with a company implies that the latter can see what you say and can therefore use this information for its own marketing purposes”.

Aware of this issue, the application systematically informs the user as soon as a conversation with a company is shared with Facebook. Note also that European users are not required to share their data with the social network. Whatsapp’s strategy is therefore based on the desire to create a gateway between the application and companies present on Facebook, on the one hand to facilitate communication with the consumer and, on the other hand, to better target the advertisements displayed on the social network.

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