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WhatsApp: how to turn off the read receipt?

WhatsApp automatically indicates to each participant in a conversation that their message has been sent, received and read.

And this, thanks to a system of check marks appearing next to your message.

The gray tick confirms that a message has been sent. When a second gray check mark appears, it indicates its correct reception. Finally, when these two check marks turn blue, it means that your correspondent has read your message.

If you want to read your WhatsApp messages for whatever reason, follow these four techniques.

Download WhatsApp on your Android or iOS.

Disable the Read Receipts feature

If you do not want to notify your correspondent that you have read their message, you can deactivate the read confirmation option.

  • Open WhatsApp, tap on three points top left.
  • Follow the path: settings Account confidentiality.
  • At the bottom, uncheck the box Read confirmations.

Note that if you deactivate this option, you will also not be notified if your message has been read.

Also, disabling read receipts only applies to discussions between two people, and not to group conversations.

Activate airplane mode

Do you want to read your messages without the sender knowing it and without having to deactivate the read receipts? Airplane mode is one of the alternatives.

As soon as you receive a WhatsApp message, a notification appears on your screen. Before opening your message, activate the airplane mode on your smartphone.

On your Android:

  • From the home screen, slide your finger from top to bottom.
  • Then press the airplane shaped icon.
  • Or go to Rglages More activate mode plane.

On your iPhone:

  • From the home screen, slide your finger from bottom to top.
  • Then press the airplane icon.

The suspension of the internet connection makes it possible to block the WhatsApp servers, which will not be able to detect the opening and reading of the message.

  • Activate the airplane mode.
  • Read your message, then exit the conversation.
  • Since longlet DISC. (ussions), press and hold your finger on the conversation you just left.
  • Press the three points top right.
  • Select the option Mark as unread.
  • Finally, deactivate the airplane mode.

Voile, neither seen nor known, you have read your WhatsApp message.

Note that this method was not successful on all devices, however.

So for an infallible result it is preferable to deactivate the option Read confirmations, as explained above, or try the following technique (dedicated to Android).

The WhatsApp Widget

This technique is only for Android users. With it, you will not need to deactivate the read receipts or use the airplane mode.

Just add your home screen the WhatsApp widget (mini-application).

  • See you on your welcome screen.
  • Select an empty area of ​​your screen, where there is no application or other element, and keep your finger pressed on it.
  • At the bottom of your screen are the various Android widgets.
  • Scroll to the right, until you find the WhatsApp widget.
  • Select the mini-application and drag it onto your home screen.
  • Finally, release.

It is a simple and effective way to discreetly read a message from your home screen without the sender being notified.

However, you will not be able to see the shared gifs, photos or videos. To do this, you must open the message.

The notifications bar

The last alternative would be to read your WhatsApp messages from the notification bar, that is to say as soon as you are notified of the receipt of a message.

However, you need to be nimble with your fingers. Indeed, by trying to widen the notification bar, to read a long message for example, you risk opening this message and therefore confirming its reading

As soon as you manage to read it, without opening it, you just have to scan its notification.

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