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Whatsapp: how to send your photos in good quality?

Do your contacts complain about the quality of your transfers? This method can help you correct this resolution problem.

whatsapp high resolution photos

Like all online messaging, Whatsapp compresses data passing through its network as much as possible. The images being very numerous, they are for their part resized. After all, today’s smartphones “only” measure between 5 and 6 inches. However, you may want to send the photo in high definition to order prints. Or transfer it to a computer to make a wallpaper for example. Here is the method to follow.

From the Whatsapp application and in the conversation of your choice, select the attachment then instead of choosing Gallery, select Document.

whatsapp photo gallery

Then select Browse other documents … :

whatsapp documents

Then filter on Pictures to make your life easier:

open whatsapp images

Browse to the file you want to send and validate.

send whatsapp file

The file is sent. As you will see, the image does not appear in your discussion thread. This is normal, it appears as if it were a PDF document or another type of file. Your recipient can then recover the image with its original resolution.

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