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WhatsApp: how to hide conversations?

If a third party can access your devices, then it is possible that they can read your WhatsApp conversations when the application is installed there. Luckily, it is possible to hide your conversations.

Image 1: WhatsApp: how to hide conversations?

The WhatsApp application is really practical when it comes to interacting with loved ones. You can exchange trivialities, little secrets or have frankly private conversations. If you suspect those around you are reading your conversations, here is how to hide WhatsApp conversations.

To prevent the curious from spying on you, hide your WhatsApp conversations

To get started, open your app. From the chat list, select a discussion by keeping your finger pressed on it. Then press the folder icon that will appear at the top of the screen:

Image 2: WhatsApp: how to hide conversations?

The conversation will no longer appear in the discussion list. To make it reappear, go to the bottom of the list of your conversations and click on Archived :

Image 3: WhatsApp: how to hide conversations?

Then select the conversation and click on the folder icon again.

Image 4: WhatsApp: how to hide conversations?

Note: if someone knows this manipulation, they can completely find your conversations, if you want to protect your conversations with a password for example, you will have to turn to the Line application to download here.