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WhatsApp founder advises us to delete our Facebook accounts


Posted: March 19 2019
Updated: March 18, 2019

by Steve

As if Facebook didn’t have enough detractors. The co-founder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton, indeed advises users of Facebook to delete their accounts. As a reminder, WhatsApp is itself the property of the social media giant. Acton explained why he sold his company to Facebook and why he then left the firm during a conference at Stanford University, studying computer science. I made this decision when Facebook started to prioritize monetization over user privacy

Brian Acton whatsapp - WhatsApp founder advises us to delete our Facebook accounts

With Ja Kokum, he had effectively sold WhatsApp to Facebook for $ 16 billion in 2014. Then Brian Acton left Facebook in 2017. The man also condemns the Californian company Apple as for his inability to identify content inciting hatred, thus criticizing his moderation policies on the App Store: ” I want to be honest and say that open networks have trouble identifying hateful content from someone who is not … Apple is trying to decide which application is profitable and which application is not. For its part, Google has a hard time establishing what a good website is and what a bad website is. These companies are not equipped to make these decisions

In other words, GAFAs find it very difficult to protect the privacy of its users, but also to enforce the law in their columns. Brian Acton concludes by stating: ” The worst part is that it is we who give power to Facebook. We are the ones who register. The solution is to delete our Facebook accounts. In a tweet from March 2018, Brian Acton had already encouraged Internet users to do so.