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what will the iPad 3 look like?

what will the iPad 3 look like?

According to Bloomberg, one of the big innovations of the iPad 3 could be the LTE support, this new technology of the mobile Internet which succeeds 3G and which becomes practically a standard in the United States with 4G.

What will the iPad 3 look like? This issue has been troubling the community for some time now, especially since rumors about the iPad 3 have intensified over the weeks. This weekend, Bloomberg added another one to the already very long list of features to confirm … They say the iPad 3, or one of the models of iPad 3, is LTE-compatible.

A few years ago, 3G revolutionized the way we use smartphones and tablets. Finally, it was possible to surf the Internet without needing WiFi access. 4G goes much further since it theoretically allows information to flow up to 20 times faster. Of course, it depends on where you are, and the device, but the fact remains that 4G may well be a fantastic development in this area. In the same way as LTE technology, which turns out to be a big improvement of 3G, but which is also significantly less powerful than 4G.

In the United States, the gloves of the telephone system practically impose on manufacturers 4G compatible models. HTC and Nokia showed it at CES, unveiling two new smartphones exclusively for AT&T customers. Nothing surprising since Apple can integrate such technology, or a similar technology like LTE in its iPad 3 and iPhone 5. The fact remains that in the absence of confirmation, it is better not to speculate too much to avoid a certain disappointment …

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Source: AppleInsider