New concept of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max [maj]

What prices for the iPhone XI / 11 and iPhone XR 2019?

iphone xi iphone 11 iconWhile sales of iPhone 2018 must prompt Apple to lower prices and promote its phones like never before, it is legitimate to ask the question of prices for the 2019 range.

Displayed 1159 for the iPhone XS and 859 for the iPhone XR, the latest models did not bring about the renewal expected by the apple. Usually, users jumped to the next model from year to year, or even every two years. With the few innovations visible between the iPhone X and the iPhone XS, many have abstained. Only the iPhone XR saved the furniture by capturing users of iPhone 6S / 7 or 8.

But then, what price will be marketed the iPhone XI and other iPhone XR 2?

iphone 11 iphone xi max concept

Prices for iPhone 2019

IPhone XI price

The iPhone 11 will constitute the top of the range of the brand, with its Max tilt. To make customers crack, Apple has to do two or three things this year.

First, the iPhone 11 must have real news. We recently talked about a plausible list of developments for the iPhone XI such as the triple photo sensor, a new Face ID, a new Taptic Engine, a Pro Motion screen or a screen capable of being used under the water. This seems the minimum.

Then, the iPhone 11 must have a renewed operating system with iOS 13. It is rumored that a dark mode will finally arrive, as will additional gestures or the opening of the NFC. There too, this is the basis.

Finally, the price. Apple absolutely must lower its prices. The iPhone XS started 1159 ($ 999), it must go below 1000. At least for the normal version. And 1099 for the iPhone XI Max.

Price of the iPhone XR 2019

The iPhone XR 2 could be renewed, given its current "success". To continue on this path, Apple must dress it up with a few small changes such as thinner borders around the screen, a double photo sensor and a small slimming treatment. With this, an enriched iOS 13 and a slight drop in price, the apple could take the queens of the smartphone ranking.
For the price precisely, how about an iPhone XR 2019 799 in 128 GB? It may be utopian but the competition displays at least as much disk space in this price range.

Do not hesitate to share your price ideas for future iPhone 2019 in the comments. And tell us the price in your country for current iPhones: Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Canada, etc.