What is the total cost of an iPhone if you buy a new one every year?

What is the total cost of an iPhone if you buy a new one every year?

iPhoneIf you are one of those who cannot resist anything that is new and brilliant. If you were to buy a new iPhone each year, you would have spent $ 103,000 in your lifetime thus wrote Decluttr on his website.

A figure to be taken with tweezers of course. This is not a reliable or official study, as the arguments presented do not exactly meet the demand for independence and objectivity in the social sciences. The calculation of society Decluttr is therefore low on unofficial estimates on the annual cost for the possession of an iPhone and that of 18 81 years old.

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The cost of an iPhone if you renew it every year

If the figures are not realistic, the calculations are always interesting. Decluttr assumes that if you buy your first phone 18 years old and you buy a new one every year up to 81 years old – each time the best performing model -: and you sell your old phone, the total expenses could rise $ 45,408, even $ 103,000 if you buy unlimited plans during purchases.

The cost of an iPhone 60 years later

Still in this unlikely calculation exercise, Decluttr claims that the average price of an iPhone is currently $ 758; adding that to the average cost of an estimated package $ 2,736, and knowing, according to Decluttr, that the price of an iPhone increases every year by $ 81 with each new flagship, the average iPhone will cost more than $ 6,300 in 60 years (also unlikely). With this calculation, the annual desire to renew your iPhone may vanish.

To come back to earth a bit, it goes without saying that the growth of the smartphone market has experienced a marked slowdown in recent years: people keep their smartphones longer, up to four years. Mainly because they are satisfied with the performance of the latter, but also because they believe that the additional innovations on the new models are not worth the price.

What about your frequency of purchase and / or renewal of your iPhone ?